(Español) Aspectos que debes conocer antes de emprender

(Español) Aspectos que debes conocer antes de emprender

Are you thinking of undertaking? You should consider these aspects before starting this adventure. Thinking, planning, making business plans and marketing are among others some of the tasks that all people who want to undertake must perform.

Currently statistics say that the number of people who decide to take the step and undertake is much lower than last year. Nevertheless many are the brave ones who venture to carry out a personal project in order to make a living from it.

In any case, in order to turn an idea into a project, we have to follow a series of necessary guidelines that will guide us in how exactly this project should be approached, as well as providing very valuable information.


Any project must begin with the idea creation phase, in this phase there will be a brainstorming of what it is intended to achieve and how we would like it to be. In this way we will have the base from which we will work, an example could be wanting to set up a local hotel, in this case we should ask ourselves what kind of local we want as it can be a restaurant, a catering company, a local tapas, and so on. It may seem absurd to focus so much energy on this but it is really necessary to move forward in the next phases.

Capitalization and social security registration

In order to become self-employed it is necessary to register with the social security as such, in this case you must be well informed of what options you have since depending on your age and the activity you are going to carry out you will be able to access reduced contributions from self-employed workers. If you come from a previous job, you should know that you can ask for the capitalization of your unemployment, that is to say, ask for all the monthly unemployment payments to be paid to you in a single income. In many cases this process is not simple but it is very important that if you want to capitalize your unemployment do not register with the social security before having completed this procedure as this could prevent you from being granted.

Business plan

The business plan is crucial to analyze the sector you want to attack, what kind of customers you are looking for and how to capture their attention so that they come to your local and not to that of the competition.

Marketing Plan

All new companies require a marketing plan to be known to the world, the truth is that many companies fail in their early years of life for lack of a marketing plan, so it is a point to keep very much in mind.

As a general rule the marketing plan should be contracted to a company specializing in this sector. In this case the first step will be to look for marketing companies and ask them for budgets for an initial marketing plan that will help us to get to know each other. Next, the company that offers the best marketing option at a competitive price will be chosen. It is necessary to avoid being guided exclusively by the price at this point, given that the price of the services provided in most cases is not binding. Because many companies have an excellent reputation and therefore their prices skyrocket exaggeratedly.


The last but not least step is to collect all the expenses that have been recorded throughout the process, among which must be specified a floor for both us and for the workers that we are going to have in our charge for a period of two to three years. With the final figure obtained you will have to ask for a credit to the bank, before launching you think well if you have the necessary resources to face this income of money that the bank will make you because in case of failure can lead to the ruin of your financial health for many years, so it is an extremely delicate point.

As an agency for individuals we will help you in all the steps so that you can fulfill your dream. Get in touch with us and let’s take the leap!


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