Car Insurance

At Gran Marbella Consulting we care about giving you the coverage you really need. The insurance of your car will be your ‘tailored suit’ and with the following commitments:

Seniority is not only a matter of time, but also of privileges.
If you have been insured for more than 3 years and you have the maximum bonus, in the event of a culpable claim we will keep the bonus for you.
Money does not cure everything. That’s why we give you much more than that.
When people have damages, compensation is not enough to solve all the consequences of an accident. In addition to financial support, car insurance offers you medical, psychological and legal support.
It is one thing to say that your time is important and another to pay for it.
If the road assistance crane takes more than 60 minutes, we will compensate you with 60€.
We cannot speed up your car’s repairs, but we can speed up your expert appraisals.
We appraise the vehicle in less than 24 hours from the time you ask us to be without your car as short a time as possible.

Motorcycle insurance

In Gran Marbella Consulting we offer a motorcycle insurance with personalized advantages to each client, specially designed to meet the needs of motorcyclists and their environment, becoming the answer to the demands of prevention and road safety.

Our products stand out for being the insurances with the highest protection on the market for motorcycles.

Therefore, through our offer, you will find the protection you need. Leave it in our hands, we fulfill our commitments, guarantees and advantages.

A Motorcycle is a two-wheeled vehicle, with or without a sidecar, equipped with an engine with a cubic capacity greater than 50 cm3, if it is a combustion engine, and/or with a maximum construction speed greater than 45 km/h.

Moped and quad insurance

In Gran Marbella Consulting we offer a differentiating insurance depending on the type of vehicle:

moped | quadricycle | light quadricycle | motor scooter
AXA offers you the insurance adapted to your vehicle so that you can carry out your profession with complete peace of mind.

GLOBAL PROFESSIONAL is a product specially designed for all DERIVATIVE vehicles, FURGONETS and all professional cars, which offers you the best cover, the possibility of achieving significant discounts for no claims as well as a 24-hour Travel Assistance service, so that you can carry out your professional activity with complete peace of mind.

Travel Assistance. 24-hour service from Km 0

We offer you the most complete services in material means and personal help to overcome emergency situations that occur during the course of a trip, either with your vehicle or in any other ordinary means.

24 hours a day, 7 days a week assistance telephone number.
Roadside Assistance for your vehicle from the door of your home and throughout Europe.
Immediate attention to any repairs, wherever they occur, even while your vehicle is parked.
Assistance to people all over the world.
Immediate repair of emergency breakdowns, without the need for prior expertise, at the time and place where your vehicle is located.

Numerous services for you

The transfer to your home by plane, train or bus.
Rental vehicle at your disposal.
Sending a driver.
Sending spare parts.
Medical transport for the wounded or sick.
Healing expenses abroad.
Help in locating and sending luggage.
Transmission of urgent messages.
Waiting for the end of the repair in a hotel (maximum 4 nights).
Advance payment of judicial bail abroad.

Breakage of Windows

Includes replacement or repair, as well as the cost of labeling the anti-theft device.
24-hour hotline
Repair or replacement of broken glass
Repair: Using a method that achieves the restoration of broken glass using special components that do not alter the original structure of the glass. In only 30 minutes and in the direction that you indicate to us.

Vehicle fire

100% of the market value.

Vehicle Theft

100% of the market value on the date of loss.

Damage to the vehicle itself

100% of the market value of your vehicle.

Insurance for foreigners

Gran Marbella Consulting is at the forefront with the first exclusive car insurance for foreign drivers, for all cars and all-terrain vehicles for private use. As a resident of foreign origin, the usual rates for the insurance of your car are usually high because it is not possible to prove your history of accidents.

When you contract your insurance with Gran Marbella Consulting you will obtain a bonus equivalent to 3 years without declaring accidents from the first day.

Applied to your car insurance, so that you always travel with complete peace of mind, from “kilometre zero”.

For your private use car, if you contract All Risk, we will provide you with a replacement vehicle (maximum 7 days) in the event of theft or accident when yours has immobilising damage repaired in Concerted Workshops.

If the crane takes more than 60 minutes, we will compensate you with 60 euros.


The damages that your car has suffered are looked at in a different way, if we invite a franchise to us

If you take out an all-risk insurance with excess for your vehicle (passenger car or van, with no damage prior to taking out the policy), we will give you the amount of an excess to use whenever you want, in our workshops.

In the event of a claim without a third party being harmed.

In the event of a claim for damages without injured third parties, if you take the vehicle to an agreed Workshop, you will receive a Bonus.

If you are more than 5 years old and have the maximum bonus, in the event of a claim we will maintain your bonus; even if you are at fault (one guilty claim per year).

In case of theft, damage or fire, during the first 2 years, we compensate as if your vehicle were new.

Gran Marbella Consulting insures those vehicles with license plates not belonging to the European economic space through OFESAUTO – SEFRÓN.

Card Withdrawal Insurance

The suspension of the license can affect us all, causing us not only a disorder, but an economic damage. For this reason, Gran Marbella Consulting offers you the best insurance to solve the problems that may arise from the loss of points.

We ensure your mobility with the best coverage and at an unbeatable price.

In case of impossibility to drive due to withdrawal of the licence, you will have a monthly subsidy and we will also help you to recover the points.

Don’t stand still, are you going to lose this opportunity?

Are you looking for the best insurance for your car and/or motorbike?

Whatever your vehicle is, we advise you and offer the insurance with the coverage you need and the best conditions.

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