Keys to boost your startup to success.

Keys to boost your startup to success.

Do you have an idea?….
Do you want to create your own business?….
Are you going to launch an entrepreneurial project related to new technologies?….

If your answers to all these questions are YES, you meet the initial requirements to create a startup.
startups are companies based on some kind of technological innovation in processes or business models that generate competitive advantages.
The road of technological entrepreneurship is full of opportunities, but also of risks and situations that, if not handled the right way, can be a failure to undertake and launch your idea.

The idea has to be innovative, but mainly it has to cover three key aspects:
Programming, online marketing and business.

We have considered a number of aspects that we share based on our experience:

1.-Before entering fully into the idea, we must evaluate the competition and assess the market situation to analyze whether our idea meets a real need of the public.
2.-It is important that your startup has a clear differential value, because if it does not and does not contribute anything more than what already exists, your startup will end up disappearing.
Another aspect to take into account is if your audience is willing to pay for it, it is important to launch a “BETA Tester” and see if it works in your target audience.
4.-Develop your marketing plan to communicate everything you’re doing, because if you’re not, your product or service can be great, but if no one knows it, it won’t do any good.
5.-Measure and adjust the conversion funnel, since they are the ones that will provide the benefit of the emerging company, it is important that the person in charge of marketing observes all the metrics of web analytics, to know which is the route of action of the client to obtain more percentage of sales.
6.-Select the most suitable profiles that complement each other to cover all the necessary aspects for the company, if you need help with this process has professional experts in the selection of talented personnel.
Count on specialist advisors in startups that can help you to constitute and establish the bases of the company, since this phase contains a lot of bureaucracy and although it becomes tedious, it is essential and recommended that you have professional offices for its management.

A startup has to be prepared to ask for financing, since it is a vital part for its survival, if you have a professional office or advice that has a team of experts in advice in startups, they will help you and facilitate all this type of management.

In Gran Marbella Consulting we have the perfect team of professional experts who can advise you on the start, development and growth of your startup.


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