Return work with charged batteries

Return work with charged batteries

The tragic moment has arrived: the holidays are over and it’s time to get back to work. If for the little ones the return to school is very hard, for adults it can become a hecatomb of biblical proportions. No more swimming pool afternoons, no more beach days, no more getting up early, no more reeds at the beach bar, no more obligations… now it’s time to get back to reality. And the reality is that to enjoy the holidays you have to work unless we get the lottery. The statistics say that in the best of the cases we have a possibility between 15 million that we succeed with the winning number, therefore, we do not have other than to take us with philosophy the return to the work.

In this sense, companies can do a lot to improve the experience of employees and make the return to work less traumatic. How? We see it below.

Dealing with Post Vacation Syndrome

According to a study conducted by Bizneo HR, 4 out of 10 workers will suffer from post-vacation depression. This means that they will become apathetic to work, unmotivated, and therefore more difficult to focus on the first few days. The return to routine will affect some employees more than others and this situation can generate tensions in the work environment, for that reason, it is important to anticipate it. Some measures that can be implemented from the management are as simple as:

1. Welcome day

The first day back from vacation is an excellent opportunity to bond with employees. Organizing an office breakfast to welcome everyone and share holiday anecdotes will help foster a good work environment. A cup of coffee, a few buns and a few laughs will make the first day more bearable.

2. Changes in the office

Many companies take advantage of the holidays to reorganize the office. It is important to take care of the work space and redecorate the facilities so that when the employees return they can enjoy a different environment. It is enough with small details, such as placing beautiful plants, changing the pictures, another color of paint on the walls, and so on. In this way, the workers will not have the feeling of returning to the same routine they left behind before the holidays and will value positively that the company has thought about improving the workplace.

3. Encouraging teleworking

A Randstad study assures that 68% of workers would like to work from home and it is an option that more and more companies are implementing because of the benefits it represents. Telework is a flexible formula that can be implemented to make it easier to return home after the holidays, and although many companies have established it indefinitely for their employees, others choose to implement half a day of telework or establish one day a week to motivate employees. It is a measure that works and with which companies get a high performance from their workforce.

4. Flexible hours

If companies work intensive days in the months before the holidays, why not also on the way back? Maintaining a schedule of eight to three or implementing a flexible schedule in September will help employees make the return more bearable. For the worker, one of the advantages of work flexibility is the improved reconciliation of professional and family life. Another option is to adapt working hours to school hours so that working parents can take care of the children without having to delegate to someone else. Work flexibility also allows you to get the best out of each employee, there are people who function better in the morning, others who prefer to work in the afternoon… personalizing the schedule means having happier employees and that will make them go to work with more enthusiasm.

5. Gradual return

That famous phrase “I’m back with my batteries charged” is not often applied to the working environment, the employee goes on holiday with euphoria, but returns apathetic. Changing the biorhythms is not easy, so it is important that the return to work is done gradually. Employees should not be overloaded for the first few days. Choosing the simplest tasks to progressively increase the volume of work is a decision that will motivate the staff and avoid unnecessary stress.

Some simple measures that will help to have happier employees. A state of mind that will be reflected in the working environment and the good running of the business.

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