What do people who take out life insurance look like? Do they have any common characteristics? Are they young or old? We review the data collected by the sector to define what life insurance buyers in Spain are like.

Although in recent years life insurance has begun to be taken out on an equal footing between men and women, there is still a male predilection for this type of insurance. According to 2018 data, men represented 56% of the insured. They are also the ones who bet on a higher level of protection (understanding that protection is the contracted capital that will be received when the event foreseen in the policy occurs – be it death or retirement). While men insure, on average, 42,676 euros, women insure 34,348 euros.

It has always been said that marriage (and offspring) are very important moments when thinking about insuring life and this has historically translated into a majority bet of married people for this type of insurance. However, in recent years this reality is changing: the percentage of single and married who are insured is increasingly similar, 37% and 43% respectively.  When we talk about the level of protection, the data are invested and if we look, for example, at how much capital singles in the case of a life-risk insurance, that is, the one that protects you against a fatality, we see that their average capital reaches 56,000 euros while the average for married people is 44,000 euros.

And what is the age of these life insurance clients?

What about age? It has always been said that you have to be older to worry about life insurance. It’s not that true. Almost one in five insurance clients is under 34 years old, and if we look under 44 we are just over halfway there.

These data show one thing: in reality, life insurance buyers can be under any circumstances; whatever your sex, your personal condition or your age. Life insurance, in fact, is a very broad set of products that offer time-saving solutions, as well as prevention for yours if something unexpected happens. It forms an integral protection platform that, properly combined, provides high levels of security. Which, logically, is what it is all about.

The Insurance Department of Gran Marbella Consulting is a reference in the sector being our main objective to have satisfied customers, offering the best services and coverage at very competitive prices. Our experience and volume of clients allows us to negotiate with the companies to give the client very competitive conditions.


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