[:es]Te invitamos a conocer My AXA App, la aplicación para dispositivos móviles gratuita de AXA, con la que de forma rápida y accesible, podrás acceder progresivamente a multitud de servicios y disfrutar de soluciones de protección global, que AXA presta de forma personalizada a sus clientes.

¿Qué puedes hacer con My AXA?
Te ofrecemos de forma fácil e intuitiva el acceso a información, servicios y soluciones de AXA relevantes para ti.
[:en]We invite you to get to know My AXA App, AXA’s free mobile device application, with which you can progressively access a multitude of services and enjoy global protection solutions that AXA provides in a personalized way to its customers.

What can you do with My AXA?
We offer you easy and intuitive access to information, services and solutions from AXA that are relevant to you.

Home Insurance

Do you need to report damage to your home?

Select the location of the house, include photos of it and send it in a minute. Once sent, you will be able to see in the app its state of updated form.

Car and Motorcycle Insurance

Feel protected on the road

Thanks to the GPS of your mobile, we will know your location when you request your emergency crane in a simple and immediate way, 24/7, 365 days a year.

Claims declaration in just one minute

Includes photos from the app itself to the file. In addition, you will be able to see at all times the state of your declaration.

AXA Quality Workshops

Locate the nearest AXA Quality workshop that provides the service you need and set the route to get there without any problems.

Health Insurance

Request authorization for your medical tests and consult the approved ones from the app

You have in the app all the information to request your reimbursements and to consult the subscribers.

AXA medical staff and online appointment

Access the medical chart and locate the clinic or centre according to the services you need and make an appointment online if you wish.

Life Savings

The value of your patrimony, always updated.

Know at all times the value of your savings products and access directly to all their information, without waiting.

Always have contact with AXA at hand to give you any solution or advice through your AXA agent or expert about any needs you may have (legal, tax, etc.).


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